Monday, September 8, 2014

Number recognition

In large group time today we practiced identifying numbers by playing and hide and seek game. We took turns hiding apples under the trees while other covered their eyes. Before making a guess students had to say the number before turning over the tree. If they found the apple they got to hid it the next time. This was also a great practice in taking turns.

Our first center in small groups was working with numbers. I gave the students number tiles and they had to make a pile of the correct number of cubes. This activity works on one to one correspondence and counting as well as identifying numbers. Some students worked with smaller numbers while others worked with larger numbers.

In another center we were drawing self portraits that we will add to our portfolio. Self portraits to learn about ourselves especially as we look in the mirror and think about how we look, helping us gain a positive self image.

In our next center we used toothpicks and small beads. We had to use our fingers to carefully put the beads on the toothpicks. This helps us to strengthen our fingers and gain better control.

In our last center we made paper sculptures with strips of paper and glue.

In Jesus time we are talking about God's creation this week. Today we focused on how God made the whole world just with His words.

In the gym we played a game where we pretended we were different animals

Being a crocodile

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