Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making a wreath out of our toilet paper tubes. We had to work very hard to cut the tubes.

Sorting by color

Can  you figure out another way to sort?.... Boys and Girls

By size 

Practicing writing our names and letters that have a big line down and lines that go to the right

"L" - one big line and one small line
"F"- one big line and two small lines
 and "E"- one big line and 3 small lines 
We added shepherds and sheep to our Christmas Nativity dress up clothes.

Carefully putting beads on to make a wreath

Putting together the alphabet puzzle

In the stable.

The Shepherds are coming

Making the manger to lay baby Jesus in

The camel is the favorite piece in our nativities

Girls that stack is as tall as you are

I hope that everyone enjoys their Christmas present from your child. They loved putting them together and getting them wrapped up to go home. They were also very excited to bring them home.
Important Notes:

Christmas Parties: Monday and Tuesday from 9:30-10:30. Parents are welcome to come and assist.

Christmas Break: Wednesday is only a half day of school. We will dismiss at noon. There will be NO LUNCH.  School resumes on January 3.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


"I can see the snowflakes on the black thing."

Catching the snow on our tongues.

Making wreaths with beads after naptime.

Recreating the Christmas story

Painting toilet paper tubes green to make Christmas wreaths.  They were very tricky to paint without getting messy

Identifying colors on the SMARTboard.

What kind of shapes can you make with the rubberbands?

busy building

The girls worked very hard together to build this structure

They used all the blocks in the block center.

B. decided to be their guard to make sure know one knocked down their  structure.

Taking a drive in their car.

We have also been working on a special project at school but it's a secret so we aren't telling what it is.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Important information

Mitten Tree- Every year students at Zion participate in service projects around Christmas time as a way to remind us that God has given us a special gift so we give our gifts to others. The mitten tree service project is beging done by the preschool through second graders at Zion. The mittens/gloves/hats/scarves collected will be given to children in need.

Scholastic Book Orders- Book order forms went home. If you would like to order books in December please submit your order by the end of this week so that I can submit the order and get it back before Christmas break. Remember you can order online at our class code is GPGJT

Christmas Service- The Early Childhood Christmas service (PDO- Kindergarten) is on Sunday December 11. We have been practicing our songs and our lines at school. The kids are very excited.

Please have your child at church in the basement by 3:40. The service will start at 4 PM. We are asking that each preschool family bring 2 dozen cookies for a reception following the service. The attire for the service is nice clothes to dress clothes. Students will process into the church with their class and sit with the teachers in the front of the church. Each class will get up front at a different time in the service to do their songs.

Christmas Party- We will have our Christmas parties in our classroom on Monday, December 19th and Tuesday, December 20th from 9:30-10:30. Parent help at the parties is greatly appreciated. If you are willing to help the room parents prepare please contact: Kristy Dose at, Holly Huesser at, or Rhonda Coplin at
*Image:by Breibeest used under Creative Commons License

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Working on our Christmas Card to go along with our Christmas Service

Creating a balance beam that goes through the house

Working together to sweep the rocks back into the pit

The "star bike" is everyone's favorite

Teaching her how to jump to the other log

Doing our journal entry page for November

Painting with a fork (this week we will turn it into a Christmas tree)

Enjoying the new book at the listening center

Practicing our wrapping

Wrapping garland and other toys as "presents" to give to each other

Enjoying the wrapping paper a lot
Merry Christmas! It
Making ornaments for our Christmas tree
More aqua beads
Playing with Aqua beads. It was amazing to see how big they got after we soaked them in water for a day and they fill really weird

Busy pair discovering what they could do with a little tape and a lot of teamwork.

Acting out the Christmas story with our nativity set
 Religion this week: Getting ready for the Savior
The angel comes to Mary to tell her she is going to giver birth to the Savior Jesus 
The angel also appears to Joseph to tell him he will be the father of the Savior Jesus
Mary and Joseph find room in the stable at Bethlehem

Working on our letters with the wood pieces

Letter "T" (first we use a big line then a small line)

"R" (Big line, small curve, and small line)

"O" (Two big curves)

Singing the "Tap, Tap, Tap" song

tap big lines above your head

Tap, tap, tap tap tap tap tap. Tap tap tap tap. Stop.