Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making a wreath out of our toilet paper tubes. We had to work very hard to cut the tubes.

Sorting by color

Can  you figure out another way to sort?.... Boys and Girls

By size 

Practicing writing our names and letters that have a big line down and lines that go to the right

"L" - one big line and one small line
"F"- one big line and two small lines
 and "E"- one big line and 3 small lines 
We added shepherds and sheep to our Christmas Nativity dress up clothes.

Carefully putting beads on to make a wreath

Putting together the alphabet puzzle

In the stable.

The Shepherds are coming

Making the manger to lay baby Jesus in

The camel is the favorite piece in our nativities

Girls that stack is as tall as you are

I hope that everyone enjoys their Christmas present from your child. They loved putting them together and getting them wrapped up to go home. They were also very excited to bring them home.
Important Notes:

Christmas Parties: Monday and Tuesday from 9:30-10:30. Parents are welcome to come and assist.

Christmas Break: Wednesday is only a half day of school. We will dismiss at noon. There will be NO LUNCH.  School resumes on January 3.

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