Friday, January 31, 2014

In Jesus time this week we learned about Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from the dead. We watched the following video Jesus Raises the Daughter of Jairus to Life. The students liked seeing Jesus portrayed in real life.

We made some observations of salt and ice. (I dyed the salt blue so that we could see the change better).

Students made the following observations:
It's wet.
The salt is wet from the ice
The ice is melting
As the ice melts it turns into water
Its getting tinier
It's crunchy now
The water came from the ice

Giving the baby a bath

Making more crowns

We also made notes of the things we want to learn about and questions we have about the Polar Regions.
What do snow rabbits eat? David
Why is the [Beluga] whale white? Alex
Where do the wolves live? Dominic
What does the whale eat? Alex
How does the fur coat keep them warm? Caleb
What do penguins eat? Liam
What do seals eat? Brody
How do wolves run? Chloe
How do people travel in the Arctic? Audrey

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Melting ice

This morning we went to chapel right away with the rest of the school. We used our early childhood liturgy for chapel so we could participate too.

Mr. Debrick led a message about how great it is for us to celebrate together as a family here at Zion.

After chapel we had some fun playing in the gym with the other half day preschoolers

Nicholas found that he could stand up a cone on end and put the ball on top to kick the ball off.

We discovered that salt makes ice melt. We used observation skills to document what happened when we put salt on ice. See our observations
Click below to see it full screen

Audrey made her salt art by stirring the salt with chalk to make it change colors.

Seeing what happens to salt mixed with water

We also made a list of what we want to learn about the Arctic and Antartica

Where do penguins live? - Addie
What do Polar Bears eat and where do they live? - Grace
What do penguins eat? - Evan
How do you make an igloo? - Nathan
Where do Polar Bears live? - Audrey
How do Polar Bears stay warm? - Brady

We still need more milk jugs!

Class Photographer Brady's pictures

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Salt and Water

This week we are learning about the salty water in the Arctic Ocean.
We used chalk to make the salt change colors and made salt art (just like sand art)

We worked hard using our finger muscles to stir the salt until it was colored.

Slowly we filled our jars with layers of colored salt.

We are also exploring ice in the table. Se can see how it changes size and volume as it melts.

We did a science experiment where we had to make a prediction on what would happen when we mixed salt and water. We were surprised that the salt looked like it disappeared. We used our sense of taste to see that the salt was still there. We learned that the salt didn't disappear it just dissolved.

We used our journals to draw something wintery or from the Arctic then we wrote the words to go with our picture

We also made pipe cleaner sculptures to put in our salt water solution to see what happens to the salt.

Photographer Nathan's photos