Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Party 2

This morning for Jesus time we went up into the church to look at the Christmas Trees. The Christmas trees in church are decorated with special ornaments called Chrismons. All the ornaments are symbols the remind us of Jesus. We looked especially at the crown, star, cross, and Trinity. The students have been asking lately about the difference between God and Jesus. We have touched on how God has three parts and the Trinity symbol reminds us that God is three parts, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

After looking at the different ornaments, I quizzed the kids to see how much the remember. If you attend church at Zion or another church with Chrismons, see what your child remembers or can tell you about them.

After visiting the Christmas trees we took a walk outside to see some of the construction.
It is so exciting to see the beams put in place and to start to see the building take shape!

(Black and white affect, oops) Walking around Sonshine Center

Back in the classroom we reviewed the shapes we had talked about earlier in the week.

We played a guessing game to see if they could figure out which shape was missing. They had to work together to remember some of the names of the shapes: cube, sphere, cylinder, triangular prism, and rectangular prism.

Christmas Party! (Jesus' Birthday Party)

Making angels

building with snowballs

Making Christmas trees with cups

Silly snowmen

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Party 1

Brady decided he wanted to find out how big the Candy Cane and Penguin got this morning

So he got out the tape measure and found out

We have a new student starting in January! Evan stopped by to see the classroom this morning. We will be coming to school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

Grace found out that the magnets stick to Addie's bells

We used wrapping paper to wrap "presents" in our room. It took lots of skill to figure out how to hold the paper and tape it all at the same time.

This is Addie's puppy, Sugar.

 We worked on our Christmas Words and found where they went on the word wall.

The steel for the new building arrived today so we watched the crane unload some of it. The students couldn't believe how tall it was, they said, "It almost touches the sky."

Christmas Party Time

Making our snack

Enjoying our snack

Everyone got to make an ornament

Making Reindeer Food

Relay race with "snowballs"

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3D shape exploration

We made it to the gym this morning to play with the other half day preschool classes. We listened to a song that had us galloping, running, walking, hopping, and tiptoeing.

When we tiptoed we also said "shhh"

We also practiced catching with different objects

In Jesus time this week we are talking about Simeon and Anna. Simeon was a very old man and God promised that he would see Jesus before he died. Anna was an old woman who really wanted to meet the King Jesus. Simeon and Anna met baby Jesus in the temple church. They were so excited they went out to share the Good News of Jesus Birth.

We had a lot of fun singing, "Go Tell it on the Mountain" to practice sharing the Good News ourselves.
In the classroom we identified different 3D shapes like: sphere, cube, cylinder, and cone

We made representational artwork of Jesus' family and our own families. We practiced words like big, medium, and small as we decided which oval to use to represent each person.

The girls enjoyed wrapping "presents"

A few of us had to finish our Christmas Cards for our Mom's and Dads

The boys decided that the wrapping paper made good table cloths for the party they were planning 
We also cut apart snowflakes and wrote the letters of our name on each one.