Monday, December 16, 2013

Go Tell it on the Mountain

This morning we practiced writing our names. First we had to figure out how many snowflakes we needed to write the letters of our name. Then we practiced cutting by cutting the snowflakes apart. Then we wrote our letters on each snowflake.

The girls had fun using their imaginations with the animals.

In Jesus time this week we are talking about Simeon and Anna. Simeon was a very old man and God promised that he would see Jesus before he died. Anna was an old woman who really wanted to meet the King Jesus. Simeon and Anna met baby Jesus in the temple church. They were so excited they went out to share the Good News of Jesus Birth.

We had a lot of fun singing, "Go Tell it on the Mountain" to practice sharing the Good News ourselves.

Happy Birthday to Nicholas. We had birthday cupcakes to celebrate!

We worked with shapes. Mrs. Helmkamp demonstrated different 3D shapes with wrapped presents. Then we identified shapes of other objects. We worked on cylinder, cone, cube, sphere, and rectangular prism.

We also made representational artwork of Jesus' family and our own families. We used ovals of different sizes and colors to show the people in our family.

Some of us finished painting our Christmas trees from last week.
We also cut out our Christmas trees.

"Nicholas, I want to play."

"How can we help?"
I said the boys planks looked like a dance floor so the girls decided to dance on it.

We did some new songs today. The first one called, "Sammy" had us pretending to fly, swim, crawl, and hop to the store.

Then we did our favorite, "Sticky Bubble Gum" ... sticking our heads to the floor.

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