Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Candy Canes

This morning we setup the Nativity scene on our bulletin board. As we told the story together we put up the pieces. We are practicing telling the story ourselves so we can share the good news with other people.

 Another unusually warm morning outside.

Some of the boys were making piles of leaves.

Nicholas discovered that if he turned the tank on the cement truck that the rocks would come out.

The girls have made friends in Mrs. Hoehner's class.

We made Christmas patterns with stamps.

We also made patterns to make our Candy Canes. We had to do 2 red, 2 white.

We painted Candy Canes too.

Audrey made her Christmas wreath using the magnet.

Look I can make a square

and a rectangle

Making red berries with glue and glitter on our wreaths.

Last structure picture. Audrey's bridge

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