Thursday, January 29, 2015

National Lutheran Schools Week: Spirit Day

So much school spirit for National Lutheran Schools Week!

We had fun with some new puzzles

Free play time in the gym with some fun creatures to practice catching.
They were holding them to the windows to show off to the big kids in the gym.

Using syringes to paint. We learned some new skills getting the paint to go up into the syringe. To finish our pictures we smashed them in half to make symmetry art.

We praticed using lacing cards remembering to in and out.

We learned a new memory game. We had to find the card we needed to move ahead to the next space.

We used cards that read: "The doctor game 6 bandaids" We had to put that number of tiny bandaids on the card. Because each card had the same sentence and we practiced it together we were able to read it ourselves and identify each number.

Because it was so windy this morning we just played outside for a few minutes before getting ready for lunch.

We love running on the ramp by Jr. High.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

National Lutheran Schools Week: Western Day

Happy Western day of National Lutheran Schools Week.
We started our day with chapel led by Mr. Debrick. He shared with us some stories from other alumni from Zion who are now church workers.

After chapel we had a special treat, Mrs. Schultz's 3rd grade students came to do small groups with us. We did the following activities with the 3rd graders:
  1. They read stories to us
  2. Played Dr. with us
  3. We did large scale marble painting with golf balls.
  4. We also created a collaborative heart

After our fun time with the 3rd grade we were ready for snack. (we missed snack time in the Commons so we had it in our classroom, which made for another special treat)

After our action packed small group time and snack time we had some large motor time outside.

To end our morning we had free play time.

The students were much more engaged in the dr.'s office after playing with the 3rd graders and getting some play guidance from older students.