Friday, January 9, 2015

Playing games

Free play time
We really love the new Candy Construction building. We are investigating and learning new ways to build with the pieces.

We have made good friends with Miss Kirby's class and love when we get to play with them during large motor time.

We read our Press Here book by Here' Tullet one more time. We love the interaction and predicting what will happen next.

We used our small group time a little different today. Mrs. Schilling and Mrs. Helmkamp worked with small groups to play 2 different games while others had free play time.

With Mrs. Helmkamp we played a game where we took turns getting and card showing a picture of a bee. We had to then say where the bee was for example: The bee is under the slide. Then we got to roll the dice and move our piece. It was good practice with positional words, taking turns, and counting.

With Mrs. Schilling we played Memory again but this time we used animal tiles instead of cards.

We also painted in the style of Here' Tullet by painting circles in red, blue, and yellow.

Class photographer Kayleigh's pictures

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