Saturday, February 18, 2012

Important Notes

No School Monday for President's Day

Chapel on Tuesday

Grandparent's Day- March 8 from 9:45 to 11:45. We will have school that day for the students who normally attend school on Thursdays. Everyone is welcome to join us then at 9:45 at the church for Chapel. We will continue with Grandparent's Day in the Sonshine Center until 11:45, at that time Thursday students can continue with a regular day of school or go home with grandparents. Detailed information to come home this week with permission forms.

Missing Folder- If you child came home with the wrong folder a few weeks ago please send it in, one of the girls is missing their folder.

Tissues- We did not ask for tissues this year in the beginning of the year, though some still sent them in, because we had quite a stash left from last year but we are running a little low this year. If possible please send a box of tissues to help us finish the year.

Valentine's Week

Valentine's Week

Reading books about cars

Making a sculpture

Valentine card puzzles

Valentine's Party
Snack time

Making tissue paper flowers

Valentine's hats

playing games

game time

Beautiful flowers

Acting out the story of the 10 lepers

Jesus heals the lepers but only ones says thank you 
creative snack

Look at that tower

Roll the dice

then pick out the number of gems that matches the number you rolled
How many do you need?

making shapes with the geoboards

Drawing our journal pages

Making hears with the straws left from our sensory table

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rhyming on the SMARTboard 
Lots of heart erasers brought lots of ideas of what to do with them

Working on Valentine bags

Proud of their creations

A few knew apps on the ipad


Sorting colored "jems"

Cars= bulldozers for the heart erasers

Finishing cutting the straws in the sensory table (see how we use them later)

Thank you Nurse Lara and Susan for coming in to teach us about hand-washing

Working on following the 6 steps- especially singing our ABCs while we scrub

Clean hands!

Rolling in the gym

We played a few rolling games working on keeping our legs straight and using our body so that we would roll straight

Valentine puzzles

Sorting using Valentines

Creating window clings with our cut up straws

Our Valentines Parties are on Monday and Tuesday from 9:30-10:30 any parents are welcome to help out at our parties.

If your child is sick please be sure to either call Mrs. Adams or send me an email so that we are aware of your child's absence. Sicknesses have really started in our classroom, we are making sure that we are bleaching high traffic areas and washing our hands often. Please be sure to obey the 24 hour rule and keep your child home until they are fever and vomit free for 24 hours. This way we don't spread our sicknesses around to the whole class.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Maddie's Mat Man

What was your favorite part of making Mat Man at home? Dressing Mat Man as Tiana
If you could give your Mat Man a name what would it be? Tiana
What was your favorite part of making Mat Man with your child? Watching how excited she was.

Zach's Mat Man

Alexia's Mat Man

What was your favorite part of making Mat Man at home? The hair
If you could give Mat Man a name, what would it be? Rapunzel
What was your favorite part of making Mat Man with your child? Seeing her be creative and wanting to dress up with it :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Riley and Mat Man

What was your favorite part of making Mat Man at home?   Putting the dress on Mat Man.
If you could give your Mat Man a name, what would it be?   Cindy or Clementine
What was your favorite part of making Mat Man with your child?   Her true excitement in showing her Dad, Sam and me how to put Mat Man together (and then watching her dress him up as a princess...poor guy!)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working on self portraits for our classroom auction project. The pictures will be sewn into a quilt that you can purchase at the school auction
We were every excited about our new playdough

Making caterpillars

Trying out cup stacking just like the big kids

We are getting pretty good ad making towers

Using watercolors to paint hearts

Several kids painted a heart each day

Talking on her tree bark telephone

We really loved the weather this week

Learning how a teeter toter works

Finishing our January family portraits

putting together Valentine puzzles

Making patterns (the last time we made patterns the similarity of the colors confused some it was interesting to see the different results with primary colors)

Sorting shapes

creating a new pipe cleaner sculpture

Working together to build garages for the cars

We are getting better at making our guesses for the estimation jar

Making an art project with stickers. Working hard to peel the stickers

They all had very different techniques