Sunday, February 5, 2012

Working on self portraits for our classroom auction project. The pictures will be sewn into a quilt that you can purchase at the school auction
We were every excited about our new playdough

Making caterpillars

Trying out cup stacking just like the big kids

We are getting pretty good ad making towers

Using watercolors to paint hearts

Several kids painted a heart each day

Talking on her tree bark telephone

We really loved the weather this week

Learning how a teeter toter works

Finishing our January family portraits

putting together Valentine puzzles

Making patterns (the last time we made patterns the similarity of the colors confused some it was interesting to see the different results with primary colors)

Sorting shapes

creating a new pipe cleaner sculpture

Working together to build garages for the cars

We are getting better at making our guesses for the estimation jar

Making an art project with stickers. Working hard to peel the stickers

They all had very different techniques

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