Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12 days of Christmas

Check out the 12 Days of Christmas put together by Miss Limback's Kindergarten class.
Look for us singing "4 calling birds"

Friday, December 17, 2010

We had a lot of fun at our Christmas parties.

On Tuesday we got to make Christmas tree ornaments with colored rice and sequence, we had cookies and pretzels for snack, and we played "Hot-Potatoe, Rudolf"

On Wednesday we made Sanda Claus with our handprint, played Christmas bingo, made Reindeer food, and played pass the present.

On Thursday we got iced out. : (

Christmas Break... We will have an early dismissal on Tuesday at noon. We will still have lunch on Tuesday, but everyone must bring their own lunch. Classes will resume on January 4th. I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Break.

This week some of us also got to paint candy canes. We read a book about the meaning of the candy cane.

Next week we will be voting on our favorite building block books. If your child misses out on the voting next week feel free to stop by your local St. Charles County Library and vote before December 31st. We have read the following books:
1. Put it on the List
2. I Can Do it Myself
3. Pout-Pout Fish
4. The Great Dog Wash
5. Duck Rabbit
6. Can you Make a Scary Face?
7. The Birthday Pet
8. The Princess Pig

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Shhhh it's a secret!

This week we have been working very hard on a secret; however, I'm sure that some of you have found out. We are very excited about the presents we have made for Christmas.

We also had fun making Stars/Snowflakes to hang up in our classroom.

We worked very hard practicing for our Christmas service this Sunday. We have done a really good job learning our songs and did very well at our full practices on Wednesday and Thursday. Seeing the kids share the message of Jesus' birth will be wonderful.

In Jesus time we dressed up like angels and sheep as Mrs. Helmkamp (the shepherd) told the story of the Angels and the Shepherds. It was a lot of fun wearing costumes for Jesus time.

Christmas Service on Sunday
We will meet in the church basement at 3:40 for our Christmas Service. The preschool class will meet inside the glass doors in the basement. Remember that all preschoolers are asked to bring 3 dozen cookies for the reception following the service.

Christmas Parties
Next week we have our Christmas Parties on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30-10:30. Parents are welcome to come and join us for our party on any of the days. Each party will be different.

Milk Money Project
Next week is the last week we will be collecting money for the school in Indonesia. We received and email with pictures this week from the missionary there, that I will share with the kids next week.

Last Day before Christmas Break
December 21st will be an early dismissal day which means we will dismiss at 12 PM. There is no after school care on this day. We will have lunch at school but all students will need to bring their lunch.
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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Advent is Here

I enjoy getting ready for Christmas so much. I love getting out my boxes of Christmas decorations and making everything festive.

The kids were very excited when they got to school this week and saw the Christmas tree in the classroom. We also have several nativity sets for the kids to play with.

This week we worked on several Christmas projects. We made a Christmas tree in which we had to sort the pieces by size. We also had a lot of fun blowing paint with a straw to decorate an ornament for a display in the gym.We started decorating our classroom Christmas tree by making candy cane ornaments.

Christmas Service
December 12, 2010
Please don't forget the Early Childhood Christmas Service. This is a great opportunity for the children to be able to share the message of Jesus' birth in their own way. We would like all of the preschoolers to meet in the church basement at 3:40 so that we can get ready for our processional.

Scholastic Book Orders
The new book orders for December are now available online. The fliers went home this week. If you would like to order please go to
If you have not ordered yet this year you will need the Class Activation Code: GPGJT

Winter Weather
Winter has very quickly come. Just last week we were having severe thunderstorms. When the weather is colder we don't spend as much time outside, but it is important for us to get outside and get some fresh air. Please make sure you send your child with a warm winter coat, hat, and gloves.

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