Sunday, April 29, 2012

upcoming events

Week of the Young Child is coming up! We will be celebrating by having some special dress up days and other special activities throughout the week!

May 6th- 12th
Sunday: All children Second grade and under will receive fruit snacks after church services

  • Dress up in hats and sunglasses
  • Pizza Lunch provided for students
  • Dress up in Sports attire, wear your favorite team
  • Pizza Lunch provided for students
  • Dress up in your favorite color
  • Wear crazy socks
  • Bobcat Spirt Day, Red and White, or other Zion apparrel
Last Week of School: May 21st-23rd. There will be no Hot Lunch during the last week of school.

Preschool End of the Year Picnic will be held on May 24th at Laurel Park from 9-11am. All of the preschoolers from all of the classes will be invited. We will get to play together, enjoy some outdoor activities, have snack, and a short devotion and closing. Siblings are welcome.

Using our ears

This week we used our ears to learn about hearing.

This week we also did our April family portrait

Quite the tower builders

matching the sounds to the picture on the SMARTboard

Matching the sounds inside the eggs

In the gym we danced to different paced music with our flags
Dancing in the gym

We also painted to music

First we listend to slow music and moved our brushes slowely

Then we listend to fast music and moved our brushes fast
On Thursday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and took a nature walk 
we collected items to make a collage

The Honeysuckle bushes were a big hit

Making our collages

Being helpful

Showing off the stilts, we are getting pretty good at them

Finding shade to relax

Painting again

Matching sounds

"I use my ears to hear..."

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Alexis's Mat Man picture

What was your favorite part of making Mat Man at home? Finding Hair for Mat Man
What was your favorite part of making Mat Man with your child? Watching her get so excited about creating Mat Man and We found it funny that she did not want our help. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Using our Noses

This week we used our sense of smell to discover things about the world. We used our noses to smell lots of different things around our room.

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about our other senses. Next is our hearing.

Painting with smelly paint made from Kool-aid
Painting never smelled so good

We smelled 10 different items to decide if we liked the smell or not

Everyone liked different things

We we liked it we wrote the number of the container under the "like" box

If we didn't like it we wrote the number under the "not like" box

Very patient customer in the salon 

We are really enjoying the new collection of legos

Building a wall

In gym we used our large muscles to practice skipping, running, and galloping

We also enjoyed some time outside on the "big kids playground"

learning to climb the ladders

climbing high

Just hanging

How long can you hang

You climbed to the top

Fun on the slide

Super high swingers

Mrs. Stanglein made stilts for us to try

We got pretty good in a short amount of time

He has a plan but I don't think those stilts are tall enough
 Before the end of the week we had to find ou what each of those smells were!
We passed the containers around one more time to make our guesses

There were still smells that we didn't like

And some that we really liked!
We smelled:
We drew pictures of things that we can smell
Cinnamon, Oregano, Banana Extract, Dill Weed, Chocolate, Paprika, Coffee, Coconut Extract, Pepper, and Garlic
We worked on writing letters "R," "K," and "A"

Time for another fashion show (more of a rock concert)
The audience is still confused