Sunday, April 29, 2012

Using our ears

This week we used our ears to learn about hearing.

This week we also did our April family portrait

Quite the tower builders

matching the sounds to the picture on the SMARTboard

Matching the sounds inside the eggs

In the gym we danced to different paced music with our flags
Dancing in the gym

We also painted to music

First we listend to slow music and moved our brushes slowely

Then we listend to fast music and moved our brushes fast
On Thursday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and took a nature walk 
we collected items to make a collage

The Honeysuckle bushes were a big hit

Making our collages

Being helpful

Showing off the stilts, we are getting pretty good at them

Finding shade to relax

Painting again

Matching sounds

"I use my ears to hear..."

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