Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Katelyn's Mat Man

What was your favorite part?  All of it!
If  you could give your Mat Man a name, what would it be? Kate
What was your favorite part of making Mat Man with your child? Seeing how well she put her Mat Man together without help.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dancing and salt

Making Borax Crystals

2 Tablespoons for every cup of water

Mixing until the borax is all disolved.
Shaping the pipe cleaner and getting it ready to submerge.
Dancing in the Gym

We can Do the Twist

and the Chicken Dance
and the Hokey Pokey  put your right elbow in

That's what its all about
do the Hokey Pokey

We can twist again

Twisting time is here

Round and round

and up and down we go.

Trying out the limbo too!

They concentrated hard!

some found an easier technique
(See videos below to watch more dancing)
Working on letters with curves
Watch me

Now it is your turn

Let's see, we warmed up with a letter "H"

Important information:

Valentines Party: Our class Valentine's Parties are on February 13th and 14th from 9:30-10:30.  As always parents are welcome to join us and help out at the party.

We will exchange Valentines at school. I ask that everyone bring in Valentines for each student in your child's class. We have 26 students total. Either leave the "To:" space blank or write in My friend; it makes it much easier for us if we can have your child just pass one out to each student's Valentine bag (that we will make in class). To make filling out Valentines easier have your child write their name on 2 or 3 each night for the next few weeks.

To ensure the safety of all our students we also ask that if you would like to attach something to your Valentine's please do not attach candy. Acceptable choices would be pencil, sticker, or tattoo.

Dial 3 Screenings: We started the Dial 3 screenings this week. Francis Howell was here on Thursday and Friday. I have also started screening the students who are not in the Francis Howell school district.

Grandparents Day: Don't forget that Grandparents Day will be on March 9 for all students.  If Grandparents are not able to attend another special friend may come in their place.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Songs for Noah to cheer him up!

Drawing Mat Man

Making Mat Man on our own on the carpet

Writting letters "H", "T", and "I"

New floor puzzles mean lots of team work

Continuing and creating patterns

Identifying shapes and different characteristics

Is it thick or thin? What color is it? Is it big or small?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Making marshmallow sculptures

What kind of sculpture did you make?

Stringing beads on wires

Painting with squares, rectangles, and circles.
 Gym on Tuesday
Cup stacking

We really liked jumping!

Making towers, cup stacking

See my pyramid

Some of us even walked backwards on the balance beam

Chloey wrote a long message on the whiteboard

Listening to our new winter books

Enjoying using our new puppets in the puppet theater

Ready for the show.
 Gym on Wednesday
We played a game where we had to skip, run, gallop, and hop

Then we bounced basketballs

It was proud they were to dribble.

Working together to put together the puzzle

Making crazy sculptures with pipe cleaners
 Snow Day Fun
We made our own Mat Man's on the carpet

 Estimation Jar
1. We write our name

2. Then we count and write the number

Jesus Time story this week!