Mat Man

Each student will get the chance to take home the Mat Man bag to create their own Mat Man at home.

Why we make Mat Man… Young children often are asked to draw pictures of themselves or a person. Mat Man makes drawing easy. Mat Man helps develop a child’s body awareness, drawing, and counting skills.
What you need:

From the bag:
·      Blue mat (body)
·      2 big curves (head)
·      3 little curves (ears, mouth)
·      4 big lines (arms, legs)
·      2 little lines (feet)

Accessories to find or make
·      2 hands (trace and cut out child’s hands)
·      2 eyes (small water bottle caps or buttons)
·      1 nose (milk cap or juice cap, button)
·      hair as desired
Extra accessories could include belly button, clothing, seasonal items)

Dear Parents,

Please take some time to create Mat Man with your child, feel free to make it a family activity. You can find the video of us making Mat Man at school on the class blog. You can sing along with the video to create him/her or sing the song on your own.
After you have made Mat Man please have your child lay down on the floor with Mat Man and take a picture. Please email the picture to to post the picture to our Blog.

Use the included sheets of paper with questions to have your child their experience making Mat Man at home. Feel free to answer the questions yourself as well.

I will compile all the pictures and comments together to make a book.

If you have any questions please send me an email
Have fun,
Mrs. Helmkamp

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