Monday, February 9, 2015

Germs, germs everywhere

Large motor play in the commons

Today after snack we went on a hunt to find germs. There were paper germs hidden around the school in many high traffic germie areas. When we found them we drew a picture of where the germ was.

Even Mr. Debrick has germs because we all have germs.

In our small groups we practiced washing germs away. Mrs. Helmkamp put glitter on our hands for us to try to wash off. Some of had to go and scrub again to get all the "germs" away.

With Mrs. Schilling we recorded all the ways we get sick and where we get germs.

We also made our own germs with pictures we had painted 2 weeks ago. We added eyes and pipe cleaners to make fun germs.

In the exploration table we sorted germs by either color, size, or number of eyes

Gym time

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