Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Valentines Party

This morning during free play time we passed our our Valentines for our friends. We are waiting to take our bags home until later in the week because we will get more tomorrow from our other friends.

After playing on the big playground it was time for our Valentines Party! We had a fun snack with cookies and fresh fruit.

After snack our party continued with some small group crafts and games.

In one center we painted secret messages using white crayons and watercolors.

In another group we played letter Bingo. We got to take our Bingo cards home to color

For another craft we got to make fun Valentine crowns with stickers.

We also made Valentine leis using straws and hearts

For our last game we played a bean bag toss.

Sporting our fun Valentines crowns.

As we finished our party we reviewed our story for the week and a few other stories by watching a video about Jesus and the children. We talked about how even though we are small children Jesus still loves us and takes care of us.

After our party it was good to run in the gym.

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