Friday, February 20, 2015

We had a lot of fun during free choice today with some tubes that Mrs. Douglas shared with us.

In the Commons we had fun with the rubber rings.

During our small group time we wrote labels to use in our doctors office. Now we have special places to put everything.

We used clothes pins with numbers on them and matched them to the paper with the same number of bandaids.

With Mrs. McAnally we weighed ourselves and then found things around the room to weigh as well. It was hard to find things that would be heavy enough to show up on the scale. We were looking for things that would be about the same size as a new baby.

On the carpet we played a dice game. We rolled the dice to find out what body part we should tap and how many times we should tap it.

Class Photographer Delaney's pictures: You can see in some of these pictures that we have decorations out for Chinese New Year. Two of our classmates celebrated Chinese New Year on Wednesday evening and Thursday. Their family was kind enough to bring in special treats for us and lucky money.

Red Packets

The Red packet is a red envelope with money in it, which ranges from one to a few thousand Chinese Yuan. Usually the red racket is given by adults, especially married couples, and elderly to young children in the New Year days. It was believed that the money in the red packet will suppress the evil from the children, keep them healthy, and give them a long life.

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