Thursday, February 19, 2015

Special Visitor

Free Play time

Today we has a special guest. Nurse Christi came to talk to us about being a labor and delivery nurse. She told us how she helps to take care of moms and babies. She showed us how the measure the babies after they are born. Her favorite part was giving the babies their first bath. We had our questions answered as well. We found out there is a waiting room for the families instead of the patients. We also learned that there is food for the moms to eat.

In our small groups we counted bandaids and put the correct number clip on it

We used two dice roll and find out what body part we would tap and how many times we would tap it.

We made signs for the doctor's office. Our signs said things like: FRONT DESK, EXAM ROOM, EXAM TABLE, and WAITING ROOM.

We used a scale to measure our weight just like the doctor's office. We also tried to find things around the room that might weigh as much as a newborn baby.

 In Jesus time we did the story of Mary and Martha. We talked about how Mary knew that it was important to listen and follow Jesus instead of worrying about making things perfect. We also learned a new song that we will be singing in chapel in March, "Do You Know who Died for Me"

We had some fun doing silly songs together especially some songs on the SMARTboard from Youtube: Harry Kindergarten: If you are a Kid, Hokey Pokey, and Tooty Ta

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