Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dramatic play role playing

We had a long free play time today because we couldn't go to the Commons to play. During our free play time we also took our pictures for our Guess Who game.

Because the Commons was used today for gymnastics class we had snack in our classroom which meant we got some extra time to look at books.

We watched a video about visiting the doctors office

During our small groups we did some role playing the the dramatic play center. One group was the patients and another was group worked in the office as the doctor, nurse, and receptionist. It gave us the chance to really think about each role and different people who work in a doctors office.

We used tongue depressors to paint with. It was fun to see how we could spread the paint different with the sticks.

Since it warmed up a little this morning we played on the big playground before Kindergarten came out for their lunch recess.

In Jesus time we did the story of Zacchaeus. The story Bible we read from had us doing lots of standing and sitting as we read the story.

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