Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guess Who Game

We had an extra long free play time today because some of our friends got to go to a gymnastics class in the Commons this morning. Eight students got to practice rolling, crab walking, bear walking, and fun stretching to music.

We didn't get many pictures of small groups because both Mrs. Helmkamp and Mrs. Schilling were very busy helping their groups.

One group painted a picture of Zaccheaus to go with our Bible story.

Other students used our legos to try to make the creations in the pictures. It was harder than the last time because we had to find pieces mixed in with all of the other legos.

Mrs. Helmkamp worked with students on counting and patterning.

Mrs. Schilling showed everyone how to play Guess Who. We worked in teams to make it a little easier.

We had fun in the warmer weather outside before getting ready for lunch.

At Jesus time our friend Zippy thought  binoculars would help him see better at a parade. We had to problem solve to come up with a better solution. Even though binoculars help you see better, they don't help you see if someone is in front of you. We discovered that this was Zaccheaus' problem when he wanted to see Jesus.

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