Monday, February 2, 2015


Free play time

Large motor time

In the classroom we got to see something special. Our class got to see the fetal models to see what babies look like as they grow in mommy's tummies.

During our small groups we got to investigate them a little more closely. We were amazed at how small the first baby models were at 8 weeks. We also liked that they were squishy.

We used bandaids and shadow matching cards to practice matching.

We drew pictures of our families and practiced using the word cards to write: MOM, DAD, BROTHER, and SISTER.

Since we are talking about babies we used baby bottles to do some fun painting

We had a special dance party while friends secretly wrote their name under boy or girl to guess whether Mrs. Helmkamp was having a boy or girl. (We will find our later this week!)

In the end it was a 7 votes girls and 8 votes boy

Mrs. Mudd did some fun stretches with us in the gym and then we played with bean bags. We tried to throw them up and catch them (difficult to capture a picture)

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