Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tiptoe and Bikes

Making drawings of what we saw in Mrs. Lail's Kindergarten classroom.

Watching Miss Limback's Kindergarteners write the numbers from 1-100!
Enjoying Bike Day!

Make sure you ask your preschooler about the Eyes, Ears, Mouth Helmet Rules!

Chapel on Wednesday was very exciting. We got to go to chapel with the K-8th grade and see what the PandaMania VBS is going to about this year. We learned that "God is wild about us!"

Last Day of School is Tuesday, May 24th

No Hot Lunch Next Week The school kitchen is closed next week. You will need to pack your own lunch on Monday and Tuesday

Class Picnic will be held on Wednesday from 9AM- 1PM at Laurel Park! Please bring a sack lunch and your own drink. In case of bad weather you will get a school reach phone call on Wednesday morning. We will not reschedule the picnic.

No School on Thursday and Friday for Preschool

Vacation Bible School This years VBS- PandaMania will take place June 13-17, from 9AM- Noon. To Register you can use this form or pick one up in the Church Welcome Center. Forms can be returned to the Church or School office, or by mail along with $5 registration fee per child.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sticky Art and Portraits

Using some very careful planning to drizzle rubber cement

Observing the interesting watercolor resist effect when the paint gets on the rubber cement

We have grown a lot since the beginning of the year and so has our drawing abilities. Our self portraits are very different than the ones we drew the first weeks of school.

The way we draw our families has changed as well.

Bike Day- We will have 2 bike days next week (Thursday and Friday). Students should bring in a bike that they are comfortable riding and every child needs to have a helmet. We will talk about proper bike safety as well as how we should wear our helmets. We will even fit each child's helmet and teach them the 3 rules to how their helmet should fit. If you are unsure about your child being able to bring a bike to school, please talk to me.

Tiptoe into Kindergarten- Next week Tuesday and Wednesday the students who will be kindergarteners next year will get to visit the Kindergartener classrooms of Mrs. Lail and Miss Limback to see what Kindergarten is all about. We will also have lunch in the cafeteria.

Picnic- if you plan to come to Preschool Picnic Wednesday, May 25th at Laurel park from 9 AM-1 PM, please RSVP to me by email. Remember that all families are responsible for their own sack lunch and drinks. Desserts and fruit will be provided.

Last Days of School The last day of preschool is Tuesday, May 24th. All students will take a majority of their things home next week Thursday and Friday.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This week we worked extra hard to make some special things for our Moms. We used a cornstarch glue to create beautiful yarn flowers. We had to use our fingers to pinch the extra glue off the string
Since we were using cornstarch glue we also played with a mixture of corn starch and water in the exploration table. Cornstarch has some interesting properties, you should try it our for yourself. (Slowly add water until you get to a solid/liquid state)
We also worked hard to spell "MOM" on our Mother's Day cards. Some were able to create patterns and their own designs on their cards. We can't wait to share them with our Moms.
I forgot to tell you last week that your child received a CD in their folder. This audio CD includes recordings from each of the early childhood teachers (PDO- 2nd grade) reading their favorite book.

Next two Fridays I will be gone on this coming Friday to attend my brother-in-law's graduation. Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Stanglein will be aiding in the classroom as normal. I will also be gone on Friday, May 20th to visit another preschool and attend a workshop.

The Last Day of School is Tuesday, May 24th. We will send home as much as possible the week before.

End of the Year Picnic is on Wednesday, May 25th at Laurel Park at the big pavilion closest to the playground. We will meet at the park at 9 AM. We will enjoy some games, play on the playground, have a picnic lunch (dessert and fruit provided by preschool teachers), and close with an end of the year chapel service.