Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

This morning in chapel we got ashes on our foreheads to remind us that Jesus died for us.

We had fun playing in the commons with some new friends.

One of the school nurses Mrs. Dumman came and talked to us today about what she does as a school nurse. We had some questions for her to answer:
Where is the doctor's office? We found out there isn't a doctor here at school.
Is there a waiting room? Sort of, there are chairs outside the nurses office for kids to wait if there is someone in the nurses office.
What do you do? She helps kids who are sick and gives kids medicine who need it at school, and takes care of kids who get hurt.
She even gave us a fun project to do with different sizes of bandaids.

In our small groups we made dr.'s badges and then worked on counting the number of syllables in our names. We grouped them together and found that most of us have names with 2 syllables.

We painted our own "ash" crosses and colored crosses to remind us of Jesus dying on the cross.

We used permanent makers to color cups and then cut slits in them to make them into flowers. We will use the flowers on Easter to decorate in our room. Until then the flowers will be hidden away in our Lenten box.

We also painted Alleluia banners that will be hidden away in our Lenten box until Easter.

Class Photographer Nicholas's pictures

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