Friday, December 17, 2010

We had a lot of fun at our Christmas parties.

On Tuesday we got to make Christmas tree ornaments with colored rice and sequence, we had cookies and pretzels for snack, and we played "Hot-Potatoe, Rudolf"

On Wednesday we made Sanda Claus with our handprint, played Christmas bingo, made Reindeer food, and played pass the present.

On Thursday we got iced out. : (

Christmas Break... We will have an early dismissal on Tuesday at noon. We will still have lunch on Tuesday, but everyone must bring their own lunch. Classes will resume on January 4th. I hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Break.

This week some of us also got to paint candy canes. We read a book about the meaning of the candy cane.

Next week we will be voting on our favorite building block books. If your child misses out on the voting next week feel free to stop by your local St. Charles County Library and vote before December 31st. We have read the following books:
1. Put it on the List
2. I Can Do it Myself
3. Pout-Pout Fish
4. The Great Dog Wash
5. Duck Rabbit
6. Can you Make a Scary Face?
7. The Birthday Pet
8. The Princess Pig

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