Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Welcome back

Free Play this morning.
We were excited to see play with some new things this morning. We could play in the water table and do watercolors at the table.

At chapel today Mrs. Kuhlmann shared the story of the 3 wisemen with us. First she gave us clues so that we could guess what the story was about.

After chapel we read the book Press Here by Here Tullet. It is a very fun interactive book. After reading the book we talked about how the pages had changes and the things that were different each time we turned the page.
In our small groups we used the idea of making changes as we drew pictures. On each square we had to make one change from our drawing before. We changed the color, the size, or the shape.

We used "What's different" pictures to search for changes.

 We also used pictures on the SMARTboard to try out some yoga poses.

We used our sense of touch to find the differences of objects in the bags. We had to find the bags that were the same.

We had some large motor time in the classroom using some fun dancing songs from Harry Kindergarten.

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