Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nation Lutheran Schools Week: Wacky-Tacky Day

Happy National Lutheran Schools Week! We were very crazy with our clothes today with lots of mismatched outfits, socks, and shoes.

Next dress up days:
Wednesday: Western
Thursday: School Spirit
Friday: Superhero/Fairytale

I brought out an old toy today from when I was a kid called a Spirograph. We had to take turns but really enjoyed the patterns that it made.

It was so nice to be in the bright sunshine today outside.

With our new dramatic play center setup as a doctors office, our next area of study is Doctors. Throughout our new project we will learn what goes on at a doctors office. Our small groups will help us study different literacy and math skills.

At our first small group we used clothes pins with letters on them to help us practice and spell the words DOCTOR, NURSE, and BANDAID.

With Mrs. Helmkamp we made a web of all the things we know about going to the Doctor. Making a web about what we know about a topic is part of Phase I of the project. Phase Ihelps us define our project and guides our learning for the next phase. Throughout this week and next we will:
  • Find out what we know about doctors
  • Make a list of questions we would like to answer during our research
  • We will talk about how we are going to find our answers

We used letter cards and bandaids to help us recognize the letters of the alphabet. We will hang up our new bandaid alphabet in the room throughout our project.

We also drew pictures of things we know about doctor's offices.

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