Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Paper mixing

We started the day off with chapel with Dads

Pastor Reitz led chapel and had a great message about dads. Many of the kids even founds parts of it funny. (He asked if the kids ever didn't listen to their dads)

After chapel we got to play in the Commons

For our small groups we continued to talk about mixing colors. We looked at paper and noticed that the paper doesn't "mix"

I also show students how we were going to use candle warmers to investigate how the crayons mix as they melted.

Using letters to build color words

One small group today just got to enjoy books from the book shelf.

Using candle warms mix crayon colors. We were very careful not to touch the candle warmer. It was fun to see how the different colors mixed together.

Mr. Debrick got to come and help so that Mrs. Helmkamp could setup some network stuff for workers

We ripped paper into small pieces, gluing some of it on sheets of secondary colors to show that they 2 colors mixed together made that color. The rest we saved for a special experiment later. We noted that the paper did not mix like paint.

We used cue-tips and and primary colors to mix paint and make pictures like in the Mix it Up! book.

 At the end of the centers we used a blender to mix the paper that we ripped to see if we can make the paper mix more like paint.

 When we looked in we could the small pieces of paper pulp.

Instead of going in the gym we spent some time OUTSIDE. It was great to be outside and get some fresh air. We are looking forward to the warmer days coming up!

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