Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shapes and Colors

 Free Play Time

We really enjoy being outside again and exploring God's creation.

We got to have a special play time in Mrs. Mudd's classroom today.

Today we got to be like real artist with our paint palettes. We could mix our own paints to make the colors we wanted to paint with.

 We used push pins and rubber bands to make shapes on a bulletin board. It was good fine motor practice as well as we built up our strength to push in the pins.

We used play dough to make shapes and match them to the shapes listed on the table. We can practice seeing and recognizing the shape words as we work.

We also used a chart to record the favorite colors of the students in the class. Each student got a turn to go around the classroom and ask the others what their favorite color was. Then they recorded the results. (Our results changed a lot since some students changed favorite colors each time they were asked)

Class photographer Adrian's pictures

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