Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Gifts

This morning Dominic wanted to build a house so we worked together to make a BIG one!

We used a Christmas app called Virgin Birth to listen to the Christmas story.

 We went for a short walk this morning. The kids decided they wanted to pretend to find Reindeer on our walk. So we looked for all the reindeer.

 Then we went in the church welcome center and played a game in the chairs.
Students had to listen to their name and switch places when they heard their name called.  If they weren't sure where to go I helped them by using directional words like "next to" or "beside"

We finished decorating Christmas trees using forks and spoons. Using different painting tools helps us develop creativity and think about objects in our world differently.

We used the iPad today to listen to the Christmas story and play some new Christmas apps.

We also finished making our Christmas Cards and wrapped up our Christmas presents for Mom and Dad. We are pretty excited to take them home. We talked about whether we would keep it a surprise and hide it until Christmas or give it to Mom and Dad right away.

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