Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3D shape exploration

We made it to the gym this morning to play with the other half day preschool classes. We listened to a song that had us galloping, running, walking, hopping, and tiptoeing.

When we tiptoed we also said "shhh"

We also practiced catching with different objects

In Jesus time this week we are talking about Simeon and Anna. Simeon was a very old man and God promised that he would see Jesus before he died. Anna was an old woman who really wanted to meet the King Jesus. Simeon and Anna met baby Jesus in the temple church. They were so excited they went out to share the Good News of Jesus Birth.

We had a lot of fun singing, "Go Tell it on the Mountain" to practice sharing the Good News ourselves.
In the classroom we identified different 3D shapes like: sphere, cube, cylinder, and cone

We made representational artwork of Jesus' family and our own families. We practiced words like big, medium, and small as we decided which oval to use to represent each person.

The girls enjoyed wrapping "presents"

A few of us had to finish our Christmas Cards for our Mom's and Dads

The boys decided that the wrapping paper made good table cloths for the party they were planning 
We also cut apart snowflakes and wrote the letters of our name on each one.

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