Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Practice

To start off the morning we went upstairs to the church to practice singing up front just like we will on Saturday for our Christmas service.  Please remember that the service starts at 4 PM. Mrs. Helmkamp's class will meet in our room at 3:45. 

We also watched a video about the story of Jesus' birth. We learned about a new star that appeared in the sky above stable. 

With the digging outside and the cold weather we stayed inside and played with hula hoops and balls
 We had lots of fun rolling the hoops and trying to catch them before they fell on the ground.

A few of our friends had some work to do from last week. They worked on making their candy cane ornaments using a red, red, white, white pattern.

David, Caleb and Nathan collected all the toys in the house we started to build earlier in the day.

We also painted Christmas trees using forks. Later we decorated them using spoons

For the first time in a long time someone asked to use the iPad, triggering the desire for everyone to use them. We didn't all get a turn but they are always available

Decorating her tree

Class Photographer Chloe's photos

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