Thursday, December 5, 2013

Candy Cane 2

This morning was a cold and drizzly morning so we spent our time inside.
We add our red berries with glitter to our wreaths

We also made patterns with stamps
 Since it was cold and drizzly we played with balls in the hallway.

Pastor Hoehner from Chapel of the Cross led us in chapel. He helped us think about how we prepare.
Preparing for the Cold

Preparing for baseball

Preparing for Christmas.

We made Candy Canes using a Red, Red, White, White pattern.

It took lots of fine motor skills to string the beads

We also painted Candy Canes

The girls used the dress up fabric to make their own costumes.

Quite the structure.

(Addie was Ariel, the green is her fins, and the red apron on top of her head is her hair.)

We also start our Top Secret Project!!!

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