Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snowmen at Night

We had chapel today with the rest of the school led by Mr. Thoelke. Mr. Thoelke is the church music director at church.

After chapel we went to the gym to have some fun.
We jumped over hurdles

Played with balls and hula hoops

When we got back from the gym we watched a video of a story read in Mandarin to help us understand the difference between English and Mandarin. We couldn't understand the words but we could follow along with the story.

We painted winter pictures and added salt to make the paint fade. Then we added snowflakes to our pictures. I will post our winter pictures on Artsonia very soon.

The girls decided when they were playing that they needed crowns. So I have them Yellow strips of paper and they went to make their crown. I helped them cut triangles in the top and then they decorated them.

The boys played together with the train.

We also decorated snowmen.

Everyone told me a story about their "Snowman at Night" just like the book we read.

Brady and Adrian played together with the trio blocks.

Finished crowns

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