Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Snowmen 2

Thank you everyone for your understanding while we work with PDO in the Family Life Center. They are hoping that all repairs will be done by next week. 
New Students
Evan started last week but many of us didn't meet him. Evan will be attending school on Tuesday and Wednesday
We have a new student in our class. Adrian will join our class everyday. Adrian speaks very little English so we are helping him learn and adjust to our classroom.

This morning we painted with watercolors and then sprinkled salt on the pictures. The salt makes the color fade and look like frost.

We are also learning the story of Jesus blesses the children. The children wanted to see Jesus, but the disciples sent them away. Jesus went to them and welcomed them.
We practiced throwing using paper balls that we pretended were snowballs. We aimed at different shapes and colors. Everyone got a turn to decide which we should aim at next.

Caleb made a food shop. He got all the food ready on the counter to sell.

Dominic and David enjoyed the new doll house

Alex and Chloe had fun exploring the winter table.

We also painted snowmen. We practiced using the words Large, Medium, and Small to describe the circles.

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