Monday, January 13, 2014


We are spending time the next few weeks talking about the cold. We are going to study arctic and antarctic animals and the cold.
This morning we painted with watercolors and sprinkled salt on the pictures to dry. The salt makes the color underneath fade away.

 We also have a new center in the classroom to explore with Arctic animals.

This is my rocket

We have also added a doll house to the classroom that we can setup and play with.

For Large Motor time today we practiced throwing. We pretended our paper balls were snowballs. When Mrs. Helmkamp said a color or a shape we had to find that shape and practice throwing overhand.

As the game moved on we each got a chance to call out a shape or a color for our friends to aim at.

We used our careful hands to make towers with cups. We really had to control our muscles to get the towers to stack high.

Brady even figured out how to make a single stack.

We painted snowmen using Large, Medium, and Small circles.

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