Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Polar Regions

This morning we got out the watercolors and enjoyed painting some polar pictures.

We used addition cards to practice adding numbers. We placed the correct number of objects on each number then added them together.

During Jesus time we learned about the 10 lepers to went to Jesus to be healed. Only one of the lepers came back to Jesus to say thank you for healing him. We talked about how we can be thankful that God heals us and we are thankful for our Mom's and Dad's who take care of us when we are sick.

In the gym we had fun having a snowball fight and ice skating.

We put coffee filters under our feet to slide on the floor.

We made a list of everything we know about places that are cold all the time.

 We drew snow pictures with chalk.

We are trying to turn our classroom into the Arctic so we moved the kitchen into a circle shape like an igloo. We are going to work on other ways to make our classroom look cold.

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