Friday, September 5, 2014

Alphabet Word Search

We all worked together today and made a track with the flexiblocks that we could roll wheels down

It was very hot outside today but that didn't seem to bother too many.

During our large group time we went on a search to take pictures of things that start with each letter of the alphabet. We started in our classroom taking pictures of the kids that in our class that start with each letter.  Then we went around the school and found pictures to take.
Our journey gave our door holders lots of opportunities to do their job

And our lights person got to shut off lights as we went too

R is for Rock
I is for Ice
X is for Xylophone
Z is for Zion

After our search we did small groups. In our small groups we continued to work on recognizing our letters.

In our first center we used magnet letters to spell our names and the names of our friends

In our next center we played alphabet bingo. Students took turns picking letters out of the basket and we all searched and dabbed paint on the letter when we found it.

In our last center we finished up our watercolor paintings. We will remove the tape so that we can see our letter underneath. Those that were done painting their letter got to paint whatever they wanted.

In Jesus time we talked about how we can pray to God. We talked about using words of adoration to praise God in our prayers. We can say, "God you are powerful, awesome, amazing, and almighty"

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