Thursday, September 25, 2014

Apple Testing and Recipes

Free Play Time

Shopping in the Market

 As students played in the "market"  we talked about how hard it was to clean up and put things back where they belonged. We worked together and decided that if we made signs for what goes in each basket it would be easier to cleanup.
Drawing pictures and making labels
 Outside time

 In small groups we painted rainbows since we are talking about Noah's Ark and God keeping His promises.

 We used our scissor skills to cut apples for our favorite apple recipes. Some students showed how they like applesauce, apple slices, or apple pie. Then they told me how to make their apple recipe.

Students made a prediction of which apple they thought they would like most. Then we had a blind taste test and students recorded which apple they liked. Many did not pick the same apple as their prediction. Some that taste tested on Monday found that they picked a different apple today.

In our exploration table we used the straws that we cut up last week to make necklaces. It was tricky to string the straws on our yarn.

During Jesus Time we acted out the story of Noah's Ark. God told Noah to build an ark. Noah and his sons built the ark. Noah called the animals onto the ark. God sent the rain. Noah and the animals got off of the ark. God put a rainbow in the sky and promised to never flood the whole world again.

 We have also been learning a new song about Noah. "Noah, Noah, Noah built the ark. Two by Two a floating zoo. Just as God said to do."

Class photographer Owen's pictures

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