Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Alphabet Search

We started doing our jobs this week. Our "Gardener" is watering our Aloe plants.

Since it was so wet outside today we played in the Commons with Miss Kirby's class

This morning as part of our large group activity we are going around the school on an Alphabet Search. We have our clipboards and pencils so that we can mark off the letters that we see.

We saw signs along the way that we could read.

There is a P
This week is also the first week that we are doing our small groups. Our class was divided into 3 groups today. Some friends worked with Mrs. Schilling doing a watercolor tape resist painting. Others worked with Mrs. Helmkamp and use the wood pieces to make their name.  Others were on a letter hunting and matching game in the rice table.

Students had to stay at their station until it was time to switch.

In Jesus Time we talked about a few new things.  First of all throughout the year we are going to be learning how to pray. I am going to help the students learn different ways they can pray. We will use the acronym :ACTS to help us remember how to pray. For the next few weeks we will be working on Adoration. We will praise God in our prayers and share with him how we adore him.  I have the students a few examples to get us started.

God you are:

We also talked about how God created each of us and he loves us not matter what.

We went on a walk around the whole school since today is not our gym day. We had fun balancing on the curbs and walking on down the Jr. High Building ramp

Back in the classroom we had fun dancing to a new song, "The Gong Song"

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