Friday, September 26, 2014

Fire Alarm Friday

This morning we changed out our schedule a little bit because we had had fire drill at 9 AM. We started our day on the playground.

 When we got back in we started out Jesus time by selected who would be what characters from the Noah's Ark story.
 We were interrupted by the fire alarm but we all did a great job getting out of the classroom and lining up outside.
 We came back in and were ready to act our our story!

 Organizing the actors from left to right: Noah and his sons, God, and the animals

God told Noah to build an Ark because he was sending a big rain

Noah told his sons to help him build a big boat

Building the Ark

Noah called the animals onto the ark

Loading up

God closed the door

God sent a big rain

Noah sent the animals back out

God put a rainbow promise in the sky
 During our regular small group time Mrs. Helmkamp did some assessment for our fall parent teacher conferences and Mrs. Lind helped students do a still life painting of fruit.

Class Photographer Delaney's photos

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