Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Apple Recipes

Free Choice Time

During free choice time I pulled students aside to practice writing their name

 As students played in the "market"  we talked about how hard it was to clean up and put things back where they belonged. We worked together and decided that if we made signs for what goes in each basket it would be easier to cleanup.
 Students grabbed different kinds of food, drew pictures and then wrote the letters for the words.

Ready for chapel, waiting for the rest of the students to join us.

We had a special treat today in chapel, Mrs. Douglas played her guitar and taught us a new song. Mr. Marolf was happy to provide the actions.

Mr. Marolf led chapel. He shared with us how God loves all of us and how we should love each other even when someone is a little different or weird. He said people often think he is weird because he knows how to juggle. (sorry for the poor picture)

In small groups we painted rainbows since we are talking about Noah's Ark and God keeping his promises.

We used our scissor skills to cut apples for our favorite apple recipes. Some students showed how they like applesauce, apple slices, or apple pie. Then they told me how to make their apple recipe.

With Mrs. Schilling students used pictures of different kinds of block towers and tried to recreate them. We worked on our persistence by continuing to try even when it was hard.

In our exploration table we used the straws that we cut up last week to make necklaces. It was tricky to string the straws on our yarn.

In the gym we tried a new game where we pretend we are squirrels chasing each other then we run and hid in a "tree" (hula hoop) and someone else has to be chased.

 Class Photographer Emily's pictures

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