Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Friday

Today was the first day I let students pick their own jobs.  We will continue to pick our own jobs for the rest of the year. When students arrive they can pick whatever job they want.


Snack Time

During small groups today we did similar centers as on Monday because we did not get to do them again on Tuesday. Some of our friends had some different options at centers if they had already completed the task.

We used number tiles and cubes to work with counting and identifying numbers.

We used beads, toothpicks, and playdough to make art. We had to use our pincer grasp to grab the small beads to put them on the toothpicks.

We made paper sculptures using scissors and glue.

We drew self portraits or other pictures

In Jesus time we talked about how God created the whole world and on the 7th day He rested. Next week we will be talking about the fall into sin with Adam and Eve.

In the gym we played a game where we pretended to be different animals.

Class Photographer Kingsley's pictures

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