Thursday, September 4, 2014

Alphabet Word Pictures

Getting to know the girls in Miss Kirby's class

This morning we got to celebrate Caleb's birthday during snack. We were very excited that he shared some ice cream bars for snack.

During our large group time we went on a search to take pictures of things that start with each letter of the alphabet. We started in our classroom taking pictures of the kids that in our class that start with each letter.  Then we went around the school and found pictures to take.

O is for Olivia and Owen
W is for Water Fountain

T is for Trophy
V is for Violin

After our search we did small groups. In our small groups we continued to work on recognizing our letters.

In our first center we continued searching for alphabet letters in the rice table and matching them on the letter cards.

In our next center we played alphabet bingo. Students took turns picking letters out of the basket and we all searched and dabbed paint on the letter when we found it.

In our last center we finished up our watercolor paintings. We will remove the tape so that we can see our letter underneath.

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