Monday, September 15, 2014

Favorite Food

Free Play Time

Outside time

 During our large group time we used the big line and small line to make 2 letters. I let the students try to figure out what 2 letter we could make with these 2 lines. (We made "L" and "T")

During small groups we drew pictures of our favorite foods. I reminded students that when we draw pictures we want to use the colors to help us make the drawings accurate.


 At another center we painted pictures and dictatated to the teacher what we painted. Using dictations helps students to bring meaning to their paintings.

In one of our independent centers we made Mat Man on the floor.


In our 2nd independant center we practiced counting and identifying numbers again using number cards with dots to show how many.

In Jesus Time today we started talking about Adam and Eve and the fall into sin. We talked about how Adam and Eve disobeyed God's rule.

Class Photographer Scarlett's pictures

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