Thursday, September 11, 2014

Making Mat Man

Free Choice Time

 We had chapel today let me our Church DCE (Director of Christian Education) Aaron Hansen. He helped us remember that God is the light of our path and he is there to guide us where ever we go just like a nightlight can guide us in the dark of our rooms. Today was also a Baptismal rememberence chapel, students who had Baptism birthday's in Aug/Sep got cross necklaces.

We celebrated Olivia's birthday today at snack time with ice cream sandwiches.
 During Large Group this morning we made Mat Man for the first time as a class. We will use Mat Man to help us learn about body awareness. We will talk about the parts of Mat Man as we make drawings of people. Everyone will also get the chance to take Mat Man home to make him.

 In our first group we were sorting pattern blocks. Using the pictures cards to help us sort is one way to help the students learn what it means to sort, we will do this same activity again another day and students will have to figure out how to sort the pieces on their own.

In another group we painted a picture of the world since we have been talking about God creating the world. Students who painted their world picture yesterday got to paint whatever they wanted.

Another group used the patter blocks to make pictures.

 With me the students helped me make lists of different kinds of foods. We are going start a project about food so I wanted to see what kinds of things the students would name when I said food.

Our outside time got changed because of Chapel so we enjoyed some time outside after small groups.

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