Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alphabet Search

Our classroom jobs are in full swing now. I will work with students for the next few weeks to learn the different jobs before letting them pick their job.
The Gardener

Meteorologist - weather helper
Recording the temperature on the thermometer

We had chapel this morning led by Mr. Debrick but we also had a special guest (below) Pastor Sam from the Christian Resource Center in India. Our chapel offerings this year will be going to support their ministries.
Pastor Sam taught us a special work Namaste - we learned that this word means good morning, thank you, and good-bye

Everyone will get a turn to be an offering helper at chapel 
Sitting in the pews at the end of chapel
 This morning during our large group time we went on a Alphabet Search. We used our clipboards and papers to help us keep track of the letters we were finding.

After our alphabet search we did some small groups working with letters.

In one center we used the wood pieces to build our names

 In another center we had to find our name and then use then match the letter tiles to the letters in our name.

In the next center we had to find letters hidden in the rice table and then match them to the letter cards on the floor.

In the last center we used watercolors to do a water resist painting of the first letter of each of our names

Next week in the gym we will start doing some more organized games. Today it was fun to try to hit or throw the ball over the volleyball net.

The class photographer, KayLee got to take pictures while we setup our cots.

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