Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Coat of Arms

This morning we made marbled paintings using watercolor and shaving cream.

As part of Jesus time this week we are watching "The Jesus Movie." We are starting about half way through and learning about Holy Week.

During small groups we worked on matching picture together that started with the same sound (alliteration).

We played a shapes game where we had to roll the dice and then put a shape on our picture that matched what we rolled on the dice.

We also drew pictures of different castle words such as sword, drawbridge, princess, and knight in our journals. Mrs. Helmkamp also  assessed us on our knowledge of letters.

We enjoyed time outside in the rocks and in the cars.

During center time we worked on making our own shields and coats of arms. We looked at different lists of designs to help us decide how we wanted our coat of arms to look. This project involves lots of cutting so we have lots of practice with our scissors.

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