Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kings and Queens

This morning during Jesus Time we learned a story about Jesus and his disciples. The story takes places shortly after Jesus came alive again. The disciples were out fishing but hadn't caught any fish. Then Jesus appears on the shore and tells them to cast their nets again. The disciples were surprised to see Jesus. When they cast their nets this time they caught so many fish that their nets were full. They went to shore and Jesus prepared breakfast for them to eat.

During our small groups we cut out crowns. They boys cut out king crowns and the girls cut queen crowns. Our crowns were hard work for us and good practice on turning the paper to make cutting easier.

With Mrs. Helmkamp we looked up Kings and Queens on the computer. We found pictures of real kings and queens. We were surprised that many of the kings and queens, princes and princesses dressed just like regular people most of the time. We did get to see pictures of how they looked when they were dressed like queens. A few even thought that Queen Elizabeth II looked like a old grandma.
 We also colored different crown pictures.

We made paintings of tulips in a vase. We had to follow 3 steps.
1. Draw the vase
2. Draw the stems
3. Paint the flowers

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